Fish Tacos


500g white fish (perch, snapper, sole etc)

2-3 tbspns Coconut oil (for cooking)

1/3 cup flour (gluten free option)

¼ tspn paprika

Salt and pepper (approximately ¼ tspn each)

Taco shells (corn based, no gluten)

Lime (if in season)

* Coleslaw to serve (shredded cabbage, grated carrot, red onion)

garnish with fresh corriander (optional)


Mix together flour, paprika salt and pepper.

Heat oven and heat taco shells as per packet directions.

Cut fish into strips and roll in flour mix.

Heat coconut oil in pan.

When hot add fish strips and cook until brown, this may need to done in batches to keep oil hot (usually 2 batches).

Drain fish on paper towel that has been scrunched on a plate to drain.

Prepare coleslaw and squeeze lime juice over to dress. (could also add mayonnaise if desired)

Place in centre of table to self-serve, fish, coleslaw and taco shells.

Garnish with corriander

*coleslaw vegetables can be purchased pre-cut and ready to dress in a bag in the vegetable/salad section of all supermarkets (do not use the premade mayonnaise dressed salad)