what kind of food intolerances do you specialise in?

Being an accredited Nutritionist I am able to assist in a all intolerance's including coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance as the most common.  I also specialise in both type 1 & 2 diabetes, obesity, digestion issues and other health conditions.

eating healthy is expensive - how much should i budget a week for groceries?

This is a very good question, healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive, I know that some healthy products are dearer that the average bag of chips or frozen fish fingers.  I will teach you the skills of eating and cooking healthy foods on a budget very similar to what you are currently spending on your weekly food bill.

I don't live near/have time to get to a specialty store for groceries - does that matter?

No, you will be surprised to learn that most supermarkets and local markets will have all the supplies you need to cook healthy fast food for the whole family.  included in the deluxe package I will take you on a supermarket tour to discover what to buy and when to buy it (supermarket tour can be a stand alone or add on to other services).

I have a big family/fussy eaters... are you sure we can make 1 meal for the family?

Don't worry i am a mother and had some very fussy eaters in my crew too, with tweaking of meal plans considering family tastes and requirements we can get the whole family happily eating together again.

i'd just like to learn to cook a healthy meal/specially for myself...

You have come to right place to learn what and how to prepare for the healthiest person you can be.  We will start with a health appraisal and then select the most beneficial foods and incorporate these into a meal plan.  i will also cook a meal with you to show you just how easy it is to cook for one, that way you can ask questions based on your individual needs.

I work monday-friday and don't get much time on weekends...

This is understandable as I know first had how busy weekend sport for the kids is and the birthday parties that they MUST attend, the drop offs and pickups and constant chores that happen on a weekend.   Then in between maybe a catch up for coffee with a girlfriend if time allows.  That is why I have started this business to help give Mum's (and Dad's) a quick and easy solution when it comes to healthy cooking and feeding your family.  My packages include me coming to your home and actually cooking a healthy family meal with you.  As a client of Food Prescription you will also receive your own member login to access all the tried and tested recipes that cater for all food intolerance's on our website.  (You will never need to lose a recipe in the kitchen clutter again)