Protein Balls




1 cup chocolate protein powder (plant based, vegan)

1 cup LSA (Linseed, Sesame, Almond mix)

¼ cup cacao or cocoa

½ cup almond butter (cashew or any nut butter may be substituted)

1/3 cup chia seeds

½ cup dates

½ cup almond flakes

Coconut oil for binding (approx. ½ cup)

Extra LSA for rolling balls



Combine protein powder, cacao, LSA, chia seeds and nut butter in a large mixing bowl.

Finely chop dates and flaked almonds and add to the bowl (use can use a food processor for chopping).

Combine all ingredients.

Add coconut oil to mix and combine well.

(If mixture is too dry to roll into balls add a little more coconut oil.  If mixture is too sloppy to roll into balls place in fridge for 10-15 minutes then roll.)

Roll mixture into balls and roll into LSA.

Place balls on plate/tray and place in fridge.

When set transfer to an airtight container to store. 

†Balls maybe frozen and thawed as required.  Can be stored in snap lock bags ready to take on the go.


Makes 24 balls