Breakfast Wrap



2 eggs

1 tspn water

Salt and pepper to taste


Smoked salmon or any other fillings (ham, leftover cold meat or vegetables of choice)

1 wholegrain wrap or mountain bread



Heat frypan and add a tspn or oil (coconut or olive oil)

Crack eggs into a deep bowl, add the water and seasoning, beat with a fork or whisk until well combined.

When pan is hot pour egg mixture in.

Using an egg flipper scrape the egg mixture into the centre of the pan and allow uncooked egg to fill around the edges.  Keep pushing egg to the centre until no longer runny. 

Gently loosen the edges and flip the egg with the egg flipper and cook briefly, will only take about 1 minute.

Place wrap or mountain bread on a cutting board or a plate.

When cooked empty onto wrap and roll into log.

Add extra ingredients and roll up and eat while hot.


* This is also delicious to make 2 and place 1 in the fridge overnight for lunch on the go the following day. 

 Can also be made without the wrap, just using the egg to wrap the other ingredients.